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posted this on June 23, 2013, 9:52 AM

We have launched an upgrade of the website and although many of the changes are happening “behind the scenes,” you will notice a fresh look and feel to the website. These changes were initiated to give a stronger platform so we can continue to meet the evolving needs of the investor community.

During the initial phase of the upgrade, we expect the site may be down intermittently, but the Staff at Stockhouse will work to minimize any impact to our investor community. You can be assured that your data is being transferred to the new site.

We had hoped to have all of the features you were familiar with replicated in the new site and in many cases improved upon. However there are a few we could not complete in time. Be assured that we are working on these and plan to roll them out in the coming weeks.

Currently these major features are missing and we will update this list as we go:

  • Ignore List – your preferences have been saved and will be automatically added once the feature is available again
  • Inbox messaging / or inter user messaging – your mail has all been saved and will be available when the new feature is available – look for significant improvements in this tool when it is rolled out
  • Bullboards unthreaded view – currently they are only available in the new threaded view but we are working to add the old list by date/time option
  • Subscriptions can’t be managed in the new “My Profile” page at this time. Currently you will have to click the unsubscribe link in each type of email

You may notice other missing or changed features. Please do a quick search of the new updated Knowledge Base and if you are still concerned you can contact the Support Team. They can either direct you the new location for the service you are looking for, or report your concerns to the Development Team who is working hard to create all the features you are familiar with.


-The Support Team at Stockhouse

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